Soleil 2 是一艘豪华型的专业潜水船宿游轮,由法国 - Dune Fleet的专业潜水队管理运营,该游轮主要在马尔代夫境内提供潜水船宿之旅,其最大载客量为28人。

Marite Medina


We had a wonderful stay at the Soleil 2. The boat is very comfortable and the crew is great. We had the best dives ever and saw many fish including giant mantas, rays, different sharks and the whale...



Soleil 2 是2015年在马尔代夫本土建成的一艘高级潜水船宿游轮,该游轮长44米,宽13米,其平均巡航速度为10 - 12海里/每小时,非常适合追求品质和服务的旅客用来探索印度洋中的马尔代夫环礁。该游轮由一支来自法国的专业潜水队 - Dune Fleet管理运营,该团队已经在马尔代夫组织潜水和水下活动超过15年了。

Soleil 2 船上提供大量的活动空间,致力于让每位旅客感到如家一般的舒适,船上有几个地方是特别为旅客在潜水之余与朋友聊天娱乐所设计的,以分享与船宿途中令人难忘的水下体验:


Soleil 2 船上的厨师们将在船宿期间为旅客提供当地最新鲜的食物,早餐,午餐和晚餐是马尔代夫&法式美食的混合,船宿所有餐食均为自助式形式供应。餐点之间,船上还会提供鲜榨果汁,奶昔,三明治,热茶和咖啡。




Soleil 2 船上共有14间美丽的旅客客舱,可以舒适地容纳多达28位客人。


1间 海景套房 :
位于主甲板层,客舱面积为25平方米,配有2张单人床 (0.9米x 2.0米),衣柜,双人沙发,桌子和多个海景窗户

1间 海景套房 :
位于主甲板层,客舱面积为25平方米,配有1张双人床 (1.5米x 2.0米),衣柜,双人沙发,桌子和多个海景窗户

6间 阳台套房 :
位于上层甲板,客舱面积为15平方米,每间客舱内配有两张单人床(0.9米x 2.0米)或一张特大号双人床(1.8米x 2.0米),衣柜,两个大型海景窗户,一个私人阳台

2间 高级客舱 :
位于底层甲板,客舱面积为15平方米,每间客舱内配有两张大号单人床(1.5米x 2.0米),衣柜,舷窗

4间 标准客舱 :
位于底层甲板,客舱面积为11平方米,每间客舱内配有2张大号单人床(1.5米x 2.0米 + 1.2米x 2.0米),衣柜,舷窗。


  • 8天/7晚的船宿行程:提供15潜,含最少1次夜潜

  • 11天/10晚的船宿行程:提供21潜,含最少1次夜潜

  • 12天/11晚的船宿行程:提供24潜,含最少1次夜潜

  • 15天/14晚的船宿行程:提供31潜,含最少1次夜潜

  • 离船日前一天仅提供1 - 2潜 (根据旅客返程航班)

  • 登船日 & 离船日当天均不提供任何潜水项目

  • 所有潜水项目均提供专业的潜水向导领潜服务

  • 额外的潜水可能会需要支付30美元/人/潜


  • 高氧潜水:可以免费提供给持证高氧潜水员
  • 15升气瓶:可以提供,但需额外收费
  • 循环呼吸器潜水:目前暂不提供/支持
  • 潜水装备:可以提供,但需额外收费,行前2周必须告知
  • 潜水保险:潜水员必须持有效的潜水保险才能进行潜水
  • 网络供应:可以免费提供给所有旅客
  • 洗衣服务:目前暂时无法提供该服务
  • 按摩服务:目前暂时无法提供该服务
  • 船上支付方式:现金 (美元/欧元/当地货币)
  • 船员人数:13人,含2 - 3位潜水向导


Central Maldives Classic Route, Male - Male, 8D/7N

Day 1 - Hulhumalé : Dune’s staff will pick up at Malé International Airport and bring you to Soleil 2 for boarding. Refreshments are offered while getting information you need from our Cruise Director. Dinner will be served in the evening. As soon as all the guests are on board and settled in, we will set sail to the first dive site.

Day 2 - North Malé Atoll > Vaavu Atoll : The trip will start with discovering the dazzling long reefs or manta point (during season May to Nov only) in North Malé Atoll. Corals are abundant here, giving home to plenty of reef fish and macro species. After the day, we will cruise to Vaavu Atoll for the action packed night dive you cannot miss. There are no other experience alike as to join the nurse sharks, sting rays, and jacks in their feeding frenzy.

Day 3 - Vaavu Atoll > South Ari Atol : Small caves, large overhangs, drop-off walls, and sloping reefs covered with corals can be found in Vaavu Atoll. Titan triggerfish are common. Larger marine life such as grey reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, tunas, and barracudas are also found here. Moving west to the South Ari Atoll, you will encounter beautiful pinnacles and bigger marine life. Dive into the aquarium of mother nature, meeting the stars of the trip.

Day 4 - South Ari Atol : In the marine protected areas, our first star, the mighty whale sharks regularly show their appearances. Our crew will search for their presence and allow you a chance to snorkel or even scuba with them. Lucky or not, there are also many thilas and some wrecks in South Ari Atoll. Grey reef sharks, napoleon wrasse, moray eels, and scorpionfish can be found here. Exploring to the most, diving in and also setting foot on the paradise. Our crew will lead a visit to the nearby local island just before dinner.

Day 5 - South Ari Atoll > North Ari Atoll : Cruising never stops, moving up to the North Ari Atoll while taking the last chance to get up close easily with whale sharks. In the north, channels are wider and water is deeper, we will meet some more of the stars here. The current attracts many grey reef sharks, white tip reef sharks and even other large pelagic fish. When night falls, you will be invited to go ashore again and indulge yourself in the barbecue dinner on nearby desert island prepared by our crew.

Day 6 - North Ari Atoll : Multiple manta cleaning stations, extraordinary thilas and wreck with rich marine life are what you will dive in here. Apart from the above mentioned, you will also find eagle rays, hawksbill turtles, napoleon wrasse, school of blue-stripe snapper, batfish, and fusiliers here. The day will end with a manta night dive. Spectating the enormous manta rays feeding right in front your torch.

Day 7 - North Ari Atoll > North Malé Atoll : Dive in once more in North Ari Atoll with the pelagic life and the cruise will head back to North Malé Atoll. Here you will find stunning long reefs, small caves, colourful corals with prolific marine and reef life. Take a closer look at the squirrelfish, bannerfish, oriental sweetlips, frogfish, and nudibranchs. Meanwhile, the trip is arriving at the end. Sad to say goodbye but we all hope to see you again at Dune.

Day 8 - Hulhumalé : After breakfast, Dune's staff will drop all the guests back to Male airport around 8AM. This last day is left free. Nevertheless, for your comfort, Dune Maldives offers you the choice of: 1. A Day-Use of the Hulhule Island Hotel (on the airport island), or at a Resort close to Malé, or in a Guesthouse on the island of Hulhumalé (additional services are subject to availability); 2.A visit to Malé.

Please Note : Your last dive will be at least 24h before you take your return flight.

Typical day On board

A typical day on board our boats includes 2 to 3 dives and follows the schedule below:

06:30 am: Alarm, tea/coffee
07:00 am: Briefing for the 1st dive on the main boat and departure from the Dhoni
09:00 am: Breakfast on board the main boat
11:00 am: Briefing for the 2nd dive on the main boat and departure from the Dhoni
1:00 pm: Lunch on board the main boat
3:30 pm: Briefing for the 3rd dive on the main boat and departure from the Dhoni
5:00 pm: Snack, tea/coffee
7:00 pm: Pre-dinner drinks!
8:00 pm: Dinner

In the event of a night dive, dinner (and the pre-dinner drinks!) are obviously delayed until after the dive which takes place around 7pm.



目的地 马代中部, 马代南部
船上其他设施 高氧支持, 相机准备台, 网络供应, 甲板按摩浴缸, 海上娱乐装备, 海钓渔具
船员使用语言 英语, 法语


日期 行程长短 潜水目的地 登船点 - 离船点 售价
18/04/202025/04/2020 7 晚 马代中部 Male - Male 最优价格 $1,630.00 套餐详情
25/04/202002/05/2020 7 晚 马代中部 Male - Male 最优价格 $1,630.00 套餐详情


潜水目的地 行程长短 客舱类型 售价
马代中部 7 晚 Standard From $1,630.00
马代中部 7 晚 Standard Large From $1,686.00
马代中部 7 晚 Balcony From $1,778.00
马代中部 7 晚 Suite From $1,805.00


  • 12升气瓶 & 配重 & 配重带
  • 每日客舱打扫服务
  • 登船日/离船日当天的接送服务
  • 船宿期间的餐食&自助类饮品(饮用水&速溶咖啡&茶水)
  • 潜水向导领潜服务
  • 燃油附加费
  • 潜水许可&港口费
  • 离船日前一晚的晚餐
  • 陆地短途观光 & 海岛观光
  • 游轮意外事故险


  • 目的国境内机票
  • 船宿期间的酒类饮品
  • 船宿期间的瓶装/听装软饮
  • 船宿期间的潜水课程
  • 船员小费
  • 潜水装备租借费用
  • 潜水保险
  • 旅行保险 (行程取消险)
  • 15升气瓶
  • 高氧潜水附加费








插座:G型,双孔插头,230 V @ 50Hz


  • 旅客无法携带酒类饮品/猪肉制品入境。
  • 马尔代夫政府可能在短期内出台针对旅客的新税费规定:所有2岁以上的旅客需每人支付25美金作为当地机场发展费(ADC)。








插座:G型,双孔插头,230 V @ 50Hz

航班信息:旅客可以从世界各地直接前往马尔代夫首都-马累。通常飞马尔代夫的航空公司有新加坡航空、马来西亚航空、斯里兰卡航空、东方航空、美嘉航空、阿联酋航空、泰国航空公司、沙特航空公司、卡塔尔航空公司和亚洲航空公司。然后再搭乘马尔代夫国内航班前往位于马尔代夫南部的Kadhadoo Airport(机场)或Kahdheedhoo Airport(机场)。

  • 旅客无法携带酒类饮品/猪肉制品入境。
  • 马尔代夫政府可能在短期内出台针对旅客的新税费规定:所有2岁以上的旅客需每人支付25美金作为当地机场发展费(ADC)。


潜水员反馈评价 (2)

Marite Medina, 30/01/2018

We had a wonderful stay at the Soleil 2. The boat is very comfortable and the crew is great. We had the best dives ever and saw many fish including giant mantas, rays, different sharks and the whale shark. We couldn’t ask for more!!!! Thank a lot to all the dive guides on board because they do an excellent job!!!!


Bruno Soler, 27/01/2017

Croisière très agréables sur un bateau spacieux et bien équipé, larges cabines, équipage sympa. Ce bateau est géré par une société française. La clientèle lors de ma croisière était pour 65℅ française et anglophone pour le reste. Il y avait toujours un briefing en français et anglais. Pour ce qui est des plongées, c'est impressionnant, j'ai eu droit aux requins, requins baleine, mantas, tortue. cependant la visibilité n'était pas exceptionnel à cause d'une météo capricieuse. Donc enchanté de ce côté là. Seul point négatif et l'odeur de gasoil sur le pont arrière, mais jusqu'à présent je n'ai pas fait de croisière sans ce désagrément.




Amba专注于马尔代夫深北部环礁 - Haa Alifu Atoll和Haa Dhaalu Atoll,该游轮根据潜水季节还会在麻袋其他地区提供船宿服务,由专业的德国团队运营,该游轮最多可容纳22位旅客。

Carpe Vita Explorer 是一艘舒适的专业潜水船宿游轮,该游轮主要在马尔代夫境内提供多条不同航线的潜水船宿之旅,其最大载客量为20人。

Hope Cruiser 是一艘非常适合小型团体包船出行的经济型潜水游轮,它主要为潜水员提供前往马尔代夫中部环礁各个潜点进行为期通常为7天/7晚的游轮潜水(船宿)之旅。

Maldives Aggressor II 是Aggressor Fleet船宿游轮运营公司旗下一艘专业船宿游轮,该游轮主要在马尔代夫境内为旅客提供多条不同线路的潜水船宿之旅,其最大载客量为22人。

Blue Voyager is a professional dive vessel runs by Blue O Two Fleet, it offers dive liveaboard trips all around the Maldives, It can accommodate up to 26 guests.

Moonima 和Princess Haleema同属一家游轮公司,它们都以很棒的性价比提供给旅客十分优质的服务保证,为旅客提供前往马尔代夫各个环礁的游轮潜水(船宿)之旅。

Princess Haleema 是一艘由法国知名潜水船宿游轮运营团队- Seafari Diving Fleet经营管理的潜水船宿游轮,该游轮在马尔代夫境内提供多条不同航线的潜水船宿之旅,其最大载客量为22位旅客。

Stingray 是一艘中等价位的舒适型潜水船宿游轮,该游轮主要在马尔代夫境内提供为期潜水船宿之旅,每期船宿该游轮最多可承载18位旅客出行。


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