Shear Water 是一艘比较特别的潜水船宿游轮,该游轮定期从美国佛罗里达州的Lake Park出发前往巴哈马群岛各地进行鲨鱼探险船宿行程,该游轮最多可接纳10位旅客。



I spent a week long Southern Bahamas liveaboard trip with MV Shear Water last year. Lots of reef sharks and hammerhead cruise along the walls, the entire diving was amazing, love Bahamas for that!...



Shear Water 是一艘通过美国海岸警卫队和巴哈马双重检验的船宿游轮,长19米,是一艘专为船宿旅客设计的游轮,该游轮的船员会尽最大努力为旅客提供宾至如归的船宿体验。每期船宿,该游轮只能容纳10位客人和4位机组人员,因为船上客人人数有限,旅程将是十分舒适且私密的,并且路线非常灵活,船员将根据旅客可能喜欢的水肺潜水类型,前往旅客想要去的地方。

Shear Water 拥有两台30千瓦的发电机为整个船只提供110V电压,方便旅客在船宿期间为各种设备充电。舒适的沙龙室内配有一台36寸的纯平液晶电视,DVD/MP3播放机,带环绕声的立体声音响。沙龙室内还设有多个充电站供旅客使用,方便旅客为自己携带的电子产品充足电量。此外,该游轮还设有全方位导航设备:雷达,全球定位系统,VHF,和单边带电台。

Shear Water 的潜水甲板设有定制潜水座椅,气瓶架和潜水准备平台,个人潜水装备储藏箱。此外,船尾还设有热水淋浴处,并配有沐浴露和洗发水可供潜水员们在潜水后使用。而水摄爱好者们则可以在沙龙室内找到相机工作桌和多个充电站,并且在船尾设有专门的相机清洗水箱。

Shear Water 提供鲨鱼探险活动,在巴哈马群岛提供与各种小型和大型鲨鱼亲密接触的机会,鲨鱼物种包括礁鲨,护士鲨,柠檬鲨,虎鲨,锤头鲨,远洋白鳍鲨等。这些船宿行程专门针对专业摄影师和摄像师,船上的工作人员将很乐意协助客人找到完美的取景点。


Shear Water 设有特别的休息区域,每期船宿最多可承载10位旅客出行:

3间 双人客舱:

1间 四人客舱:

2间 分享卫浴室:


  • 潜水员必须达到OW级别并有至少75潜

  • 大多数日子都有无限潜水,只要保证免减压

  • 有珊瑚礁深潜(超过18米)的潜水日提供3 - 5潜

  • 登船日 & 离船日当天均不提供任何潜水项目

  • 潜水向导仅在鲨鱼潜和深潜点提供领潜服务


  • 高氧潜水:可以提供,且需额外收费
  • 15升气瓶:限量提供,且需额外收费
  • 循环呼吸器潜水:目前暂时无法提供
  • 技术潜水:目前暂时无法提供 / 支持
  • 潜水装备:可以提供,但需额外收费,行前2周必须告知
  • 潜水保险:潜水员必须持有效的潜水保险才能进行潜水
  • 网络供应:目前暂时无法提供该服务
  • 洗衣服务:目前暂时无法提供该服务
  • 按摩服务:目前暂时无法提供该服务
  • 船宿期间支付方式:仅支持现金(美元)
  • 船员人数:4-5人,含1 - 2位潜水向导


Bahamas Shark Expeditions

Dive up close with some of the largest sharks in the world! Experience tigers, hammerheads and a variety of other sharks in the clear shallow waters of the Bahamas. As these unique shark trips are cage-less, they are for shark enthusiasts and photographers with advanced diving experience. The emphasis is on getting quality in-water time and photo opportunities; space is therefore limited to a maximum of ten people.

April : 10-Day Oceanic White-Tip Expeditions
During this expedition you will have the chance to experience the thrill of drift diving with oceanic whitetips, laugh with the swimming pigs of Staniel Cay, and feel like James Bond while diving through Thunderball grotto.

May – October : Tiger Sharks, Lemon Sharks, & Dolphins
Our most popular of all trips takes divers to the world famous ‘Tiger Beach’. This spectacular location is unlike any other in the world and guarantees one of the most unique underwater experiences in a diver’s life! Imagine yourself surrounded by lemon and tiger sharks as far as the eye can see; amidst a gorgeous backdrop of crystal blue Bahamian water and powder white sand. All of this, and more, in less than 20 feet of water.

November – May : Tiger Sharks, Great Hammerheads, & Bull Sharks
On these expeditions, our primary goal is to interact with great hammerhead sharks and tiger sharks. Great hammerheads are among the most impressive, yet rarely observed oceanic predators. They are not to be confused with the smaller, and more common, scalloped hammerhead, which can be seen schooling in many locations around the world.

General Itinerary

Boarding Day / Check-in :
Guests have to make their own way to our dive shop in Lake Park, Florida between 10am - 4pm. Board the boat at 5pm, and enjoy dinner on board at 7pm.

Day 1 :
Clear customs in the Bahamas between 8 and 9am, and then head out to the first dive site.

Day 2 - 6 :
Continue diving throughout the day and night, visiting various dive sites.

Day 6 :
After the last dive of the last day, we have dinner and head back to US waters.

Day 7 | Check-out Day :
Return Day Clear US Customs between 8 and 9am, and disembark between 10am and 11am.

Airports :
Palm Beach International (PBI) Airport is approximately 30 minutes away, Ft. Lauderdale (FLL) is about 1.5 hours away, and Miami (MIA) is about 2 hours away from Jim Abernethy’s Scuba Adventures In Lake Park, FL.

NOTE : Although we have had great success in finding sharks on our trips, please understand that sharks are wild animals and there is no guarantee any sharks will be present. Each encounter is different and will last as long as the sharks want. Weather is also an uncontrollable force and there are no refunds because of bad weather. We have several locations in the Bahamas to dive or to drop anchor that are protected from strong winds in case of bad weather. - Shear Water team.



目的地 埃克苏马陆海公园, 老虎海滩
船上其他设施 高氧支持, 相机准备台
船员使用语言 英语




  • 12升气瓶 & 配重 & 配重带
  • 每日客舱打扫服务
  • 船宿期间的餐食&自助类饮品(饮用水&速溶咖啡&茶水)
  • 船宿期间的瓶装/听装软饮
  • 潜水向导领潜服务
  • 离船日前一晚的晚餐
  • 陆地短途观光 & 海岛观光
  • 游轮意外事故险


  • 目的国境内机票
  • 登船日/离船日当天的接送服务
  • 船宿期间的酒类饮品
  • 船员小费
  • 潜水装备租借费用
  • 潜水保险
  • 旅行保险 (行程取消险)
  • 燃油附加费
  • 15升气瓶
  • 高氧潜水附加费
  • 潜水许可&港口费



潜水员反馈评价 (1)

Paul, 23/05/2014

I spent a week long Southern Bahamas liveaboard trip with MV Shear Water last year. Lots of reef sharks and hammerhead cruise along the walls, the entire diving was amazing, love Bahamas for that! And for MV Shear Water, i would like to rate it 2.5 out of 5, The boat itself has a good size, and enough ourdoor chill area. But the cabin i stayed was a twin shared cabin, but it was too small for two adult male. The food was fine. However, the diving in Bahamas and the crew onboard make it 5 out of 5!




Bahamas Aggressor 是世界知名潜水船宿运营公司 - Aggressor Fleet旗下一艘专业潜水船宿游轮,曾用名为:Carib Dancer,该游轮主要在巴哈马境内的埃克苏马陆海公园,老虎海滩,比米尼群岛提供潜水船宿行程,该游轮最多可接纳14位旅客出行。

Caribbean Explorer II 是Explorer Ventures Fleet船宿游轮运营公司旗下一艘专业船宿游轮,该游轮主要在加勒比海东北海域的萨巴岛海洋公园,圣基茨岛,尼维斯等地提供为期一周的潜水船宿之旅,其最大载客量为18人。

Shear Water 是一艘比较特别的潜水船宿游轮,该游轮定期从美国佛罗里达州的Lake Park出发前往巴哈马群岛各地进行鲨鱼探险船宿行程,该游轮最多可接纳10位旅客。

Dolphin Dream 是一艘86英尺(约26米)长的专业潜水船宿游轮,该游轮主要为旅客提供从美国福罗里达出发前往巴哈马老虎海滩(Tiget beach)的船宿之旅,通常为期7天/6晚,该游轮最多可承载12位旅客出行。

Bahamas Master 是世界知名船宿游轮运营公司:Master Liveaboard Fleet旗下一艘专业的潜水船宿游轮,该游轮主要在巴哈马境内的埃克苏马陆海公园,老虎海滩,比米尼群岛提供潜水船宿行程,其最大载客量为16人。


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