The miracle of the night dives

When people starts their dive education, they still don’t know, that soon they gonna be underwater even in the dark nights, while others are already preparing the dinner or going out to bars... I have to tell you, that even with years of working in the dive industry, there is still something exciting to everyone, including instructors and dive guides.

When you prepare your gear in the evening and you feel the air a little chilly, when you think about all predators who are active in the night…well, average people would say: are you crazy to willing to do that?! But divers, as we know, are different human beings. All of them are super excited, and happy to (in most of the cases) wear the "still wet" wetsuits again.

After a short briefing, torches on, a big splash, aaand here we are, we arrived in the dark silence. If diving brings you to another world, well, night dives will to a totally another planet! Even on the dive spots that you already know well, you will see thousands of new things.

Actually I would even recommend to make night dives on your well known spots, then you can see the other face of the dive site. Most of the animals that sleeping somewhere hiden in the daytime, will be active after sunset, and that’s how you can really understand how it works that reef or bay. And on top of it, you can see your favorite daytime fish to sleep with open eyes, moveless in the midwater. You could even get super close to them, doesn’t matter, they are sleeping. So fantastic experience!

When you go for a night dive, you have a chance to enjoy the light show of the bioluminescent planctons. This is an unforgattable memory! You just have to agree with your dive buddy or your group, that in a certain moment all of you gonna turn off the lights and the show begun! A little movement with your arm or fin can activate millions of little lights which makes the ocean around you looking like a billion star sky far away from all light pollution!

And then, you will be surprised, how many of tiny (or even bigger) sea creatures makes lights in different colours, some of them even flashing, some are yellows, red, green… A new feature gonna conduct you to get a more psychedelic night dive: you can use an ultra violet torch and by have that, you can see really incredible colors!

And then, the reflects of the eyes: many times you first just see two eyes, and only after watching them better, gonna be clear if is a stringray, a cuttle fish, or just some lobsters what you spotted. Fantastic game! All the octopuses are more active in the night, so you have better chance to see them catching their food! So, I can only recommend you to jump in to the water in the night as well.

Couple of things what you have to keep in mind, before you’re booking for a night dive:
You have to be familiar with your gear, have a good buoyancy, stay well in your depth limit and always go with a trustable guide, or buddy. Don’t forget to have a back up torch all the time, and, after all: enjooooooy!

This article above is written by @Hajni Maroti (PADI Instructor #339200), please give respect to her copyright!
This article is not to be reproduced or distributed without written permission of Hajni Maroti.



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