Sea of Cortez & La Paz

Since we look forward to enjoy a wonderful time in the Sea of Cortez - the worldwide famous aquarium of diving, in a friendly and professional atmosphere for a long long time...

In October this year, we finally made it! Our Dive and Cruise team members went for an awesome dive trip to Sea of Cortez with a beautiful group from France.

The trip all started from La Paz, La Paz is one of the main Diving areas of the Sea of Cortez. Here there are numerous dive sites offering a wide variety of possibilities as far as in depth, wildlife and experience levels are. It is possible to dive on natural reefs, shipwrecks, with sea lions, hammerhead sharks, whale sharks and more.

This video has been made by our team member - Shueri, have a look and you will understand straight how the diving feels like in the awesome Sea of Cortez ;-)

Sea of Cortez 2017 from Dive and Cruise on Vimeo.

The highlight will surely be the Sealions and mobula rays, but not only that, some of us also met a small school of hammerheads (about 20 - 25 in a group), few manta rays, as well as dolphins. And there are many many reef fishes, shipwrecks, for you to discover! The crystal clear waters have a visibility of 15 - 30 meters and a temperature of 28/29 degrees during our visit.

Here are some of the main dive sites we visited :

Los Islotes : About 5 - 30 meters' deep, they are two islets or large rocks which one is a natural arch. There lives a very rich marine life as well as a colony of over 400 seals. We really enjoyed the incredible experience of diving with them, they were very playful and love to interact with divers.

El Bajo : A seamount composed of 3 mountains that rise from the ocean but not enough to stand out from the sea level. They are north-south oriented. The north has its peak to 25 meters deep into the surface, the central peak at 16 meters, the south peak is into 21 m. From its nature seamounts are very hospitable to marine life. We met the school of hammerhead sharks here in this dive site.

Isla Ballena : This site is a small island off the west coast of Espiritu Santo Island. It offers small caves formations where divers go by, magnificent coral and tropical fish fans possible.

La Reinita : Rock formation located west of Cerralvo Island. As the site of the "Queen", the site offers a magnificent spectacle of colorful fish and a variety of corals, large groupers, moray eels and small species such as nudibranchs, frogfish and seahorse.

San Rafaelito : Serving Rock lighthouse signaling dominates and the home in the small colony of sea lions that live there. Very beautiful site for a relaxing dive!!!

Punta Lobos : Here was formerly a rookery of many sea lions. It is believed that the sea lions changed their location because this site became very weak due to the northerly winds. Nowadays it offers an incredible dive site with a reef where you can admire many species of fish, sea horse, and mobula schools and much more.

Swanee Reef : This is an amazing natural reef which caused the wreck of the famous ferry "The Salvatierra". Here you will have the opportunity to snorkel with numerous schools of fish, nudibranchs, octopus, frogfish, blankets, beautiful corals. It is also common to see sea lions resting, enjoying the tranquility of the place that many divers love. In addition it is one of the favorite spots for underwater photographers.

Fang Ming Wreck : The Fang Ming was a Chinese ship of 54 meters in length that served to transport illegal immigrants; therefore it was confiscated by the government of Mexico. After a while, in 1999 it was sunk by the government in order to create an artificial reef.

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